Student Government Elections

Student Government Association general elections take place every spring semester. The​ following positions are available: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Speaker of the Senate. In order to be able to run for one of these positions, one must be nominated and meet eligibility requirements. All rules and regulations concerning elections and the available positions can be found in our bylaws.

Nominations Process:

Nominations can only take place during a special session, once a session is opened the elections commissioner will lead the nominations process. Any student can nominate any student for any position, however, President and Speaker of the Senate have different stipulations. There can be any amount of nominations yet there can only be three candidates per position for each elected position. The top three candidates receiving the most votes shall be placed on the ballot in the spring election. Eligibility is then checked before candidates are officially placed on the ballot.

Spring 2020 General Elections


For more information, contact the elections commissioner 

Kyrin Sims - - use elections 2020 in subject line