Monarchs Rising Up is an SGA initiative to address the following initiatives: Campus Sexual Assault, Social Media Civility, Off-Campus Life, and the immediate need to foster an environment where we hold each other accountable:

Campus Sexual Assault - This issue is not new, rather, it is an issue that Old Dominion University is committed to addressing. National statistics show that many women and men face some sort of Sexual Violence in their lifetime (i.e. stalking, dating violence, rape, sexual harassment). 

Social Media Civility - The increase of technology platforms and the variety of ways to communicate with each other has undoubtedly made social interaction easier, but we have also seen the dark side of social media discourse nation-wide and right here on our campus. We've seen countless hastags, memes, status updates, or posts that depict our campus in a negative light. 

Off-Campus Life - ODU has grown from a predominantly commuter campus to a thriving residential university with about 4,700 students living on-campus. With such a large off-campus population, it is crucial to remind ourselves of the responsibilities we we hold as Monarch Citizens. Monarch Citizens take responsibility to be good stewards to their neighbors, engage in the community they live in, and take pride in ODU; whether they live two miles off-campus or 200 miles away from campus!

Monarch Keepers - Today, it is more important than ever to have accountability for not only ourselves, but for each other. This form of accountability ensures we are intervening as bystanders in difficult situations, looking out for one another, and helping out those in need.