Carmen Portillo-Fuentes

Vice President

Why Student Government?

I want to be able to work in this field once I am done with my studies. This position would allow me to have a glimpse of what this career would be like while simultaneously giving me the opportunity to learn and grow with a team of skilled individuals that are just as passionate about their educational opportunities here at Old Dominion University.

Why do you believe you are qualified for this role?

I am uniquely qualified to serve as an Executive Board Member because I have an unmatched drive and ambition to do what needs to be done. I can handle the ongoing responsibilities and pressures of having to

meet required responsibilities within their deadlines, as well as the time commitment required for this position.

What do you believe are important student issues?

Some of the issues that I believe are important to the students here at ODU include the lack of awareness regarding different opportunities and activities around campus - educational and social opportunities. A chance to grow the school pride within students and increase awareness for scholarships/financial opportunities that are offered at ODU.


Major: Sociology

Carmen Portillo-Fuentes