Gabriel Barrios


Why Student Government?

After learning in this university for three years, ODU has given me the resources and opportunities to live and learn. I would repay this experience by making a difference and helping one person at a time. Some students have various struggles in their different lives, which I can understand what they have experienced. The reason for being part of the

SGA is to share my talents and skills used from past experiences in leadership.

Why do you believe you are qualified for this role?

Compassion - I have done previous work in community service by repairing houses in eastern Shore for Mexican migrants, helping out the food pantry to those in need, and delivering meals to the elderly.

Adaptability - As an immigrant from the Philippines, I learned to immerse myself in American culture and its environment.

Cooperation - Since this organization is a group effort to support the ODU community, we must cooperate to better

connect and understand each other on the same level. That was the same wisdom I carried in supporting my Scholastic Bowl team throughout high school.

What do you believe are important student issues?

One issue to consider is providing an information drive for students to prepare for their predicaments. I am inquisitive about their sustainability and accessibility with the Internet and other resources. Lastly, I would like to conduct a student survey to inquire about the tutoring programs. This topic raises some questions about how effective

they are to students. In addition, I would ask about their usages of outside sources, such as YouTube and Khan Academy, for effective learning. Even though these are just proposals, the need for effective tutoring, accessibility in skill workshops, and better communication between staff and students provides some insight to improving these matters.


Major: Physics (Research)

Gabriel Barrios